Friday, March 4, 2011

Not So Ingenious

On January 16, 2010... I posted about how I was throwing some "ingeo plant-based" iTunes gift cards into my compost pile...hoping that in a few months I would've been able to post a photo of a shriveled up gift card. WELL... today as we were moving finished compost from our compost bin to our veggie garden, I saw this:
 I was so happy and excited about the idea of my iTunes gift cards composting... but, unfortunately, over a year after I added three plant-based gift cards to our compost pile.... not much has changed.  Back in December,  I had found a card in the compost pile and had originally thought that some of the writing was gone... I was wrong.
 What had happened is the outer plastic had separated from the solid white card...which (obviously) made me think that writing was gone... *sigh*... I can still read "ingeo plant-based card" as clear as ever... (such a bummer)

... maybe the cards will compost in a commercial composting facility??  I don't know.  What I do know is that I'm going to keep sticking to requesting that our family and friends make donations to our favorite causes in lieu of gift cards (or gifts)... 

Curious??  Some of our favorite causes and people we support are:

The Plastic Ocean                     

Sara Bayles-- $5 for 5 Gyres Expedition 

Wallace J. Nichols                             


Ocean Cure