Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kure Beach with the SandSweepers

On Saturday morning, my family and I took a 45 minute drive south to Kure Beach.  We met up with Liz who writes the blog Litter Sucks to help with a 30 minute beach clean up with the SandSweepers at the Kure Beach Pier.  Our family collected 140 cigarette butts and the grand total of butts was a whopping 998!!!

Check out Liz's blogpost here: SandSweepers Kick butt at Kure Pier

Kure Beach has a lot of different signage than Wrightsville Beach... lots of things are prohibited... including littering... hmmm....

My kids were really interested in the signs that have pictures of various pieces of litter stating how long they will last in our environment.  BUT... one thing we talked about is that the sign makes cigarette butts and plastics seem not that bad... what the sign doesn't relay is the harmful effects of plastics in our oceans/environment and the negative effects they have on wildlife.

Here's a photo of the litter we removed from Kure Beach in 30 minutes....different beach... same story...