Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Daily Ocean: Day 50

On August 9, 2010... I, along with my 3 children, went to Access 43 to do our first 20 minute clean up at Wrightsville Beach.  Sunday, we headed back to that same spot to do our 50th clean up!!
Since that first day in August... we've removed more than 57 pounds** of litter from Wrightsville Beach!!!  (**On day 13, the litter wasn't weighed.)  And now... the cigarette butt tally has passed the 15,000 mark! (whoa!!)
My friend Sara--who writes The Daily Ocean blog and inspired me to do these 20 minute clean ups-- has collected 765.5 lbs of litter off of the beach in Santa Monica in 205 days!!  Sara and her husband Garen are currently in Chile getting ready to head out to the South Pacific gyre with 5 gyres.  Be sure to check in with The Daily Ocean to see what's happening as they prepare for the expedition.
Once we finished with our 20 minutes, I met Katie Harden of WWAY to talk about cigarette butt litter and The BaitTanks that have been installed at Wrightsville Beach!  Check out the story that also includes Mark Armen and Mayor of WB, David Cignotti. 

20 minutes on March 13, 2011
86 cigarette butts

Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 50 days: