Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plastic-Free Shampoo

Awhile ago, in an effort to eliminate another plastic packaged product, I attempted to use a shampoo bar in lieu of a liquid shampoo.  I tried for a month, to no avail... my normally silky smooth and shiny hair turned lackluster and felt... ummm... yuck.  So I switched back to my liquid shampoo and put off the idea of using a shampoo bar. Then, while visiting my friend Sara in October, she mentioned Lush shampoo bars... but mentioned something about them having a strong smell.  With Sara's comment in the back of my head, I went excitedly to Lush's website... picked out bar that I thought would have a least strong smell....almost hit the order tab... but reminded myself that just because it's not packaged in plastic doesn't mean that I shouldn't read the ingredient list.  And when I did....I paused....

While visiting Sara, we watched the film "Bag It"... so I quickly remembered how phthalates are often hidden in fragrance.  (and all of Lush's shampoo bars contain fragrance!!  boo!!)  So I decided to do what I always do when purchasing a new body product... I searched shampoo bars on the Environmental Working Group's "Cosmetics Database."  After much research and hesitation... I came across Chagrin Valley and got SUPER excited....researched some more and then placed my order!!!!
The reason I decided to order from Chagrin Valley was because of the low hazard scores on EWG's database .... I felt like if I was going to make the switch to a shampoo bar that I didn't want to sacrifice a a high-quality environmentally conscious product just to ditch the plastic.  They also have a really great faq section about shampoo bars AND I really love their "About Us" page which includes this:

"We do NOT use artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, petroleum products, foam boosters, animal fats, or detergents.   Our products are never tested on animals, other than our very enthusiastic human volunteers!"

My first order, I chose to order sample bars.... with extra instructions to include "no plastic" in my order because I was switching to shampoo bars to avoid plastic.... and they listened!!!  

Since October, our whole family-- yes even our kids!!-- have been using a shampoo bar in lieu of liquid shampoo!!  And I would NEVER go back to liquid shampoo for so many reasons that go beyond packaging.
My hair feels amazing!!  It actually has body (something liquid shampoos stripped my hair of)...

Shampoo bars are so much easier to travel with.  Since it's not liquid... it doesn't have to be put in a plastic bag (double win!) and I never have to worry about it leaking (or spilling).  Tip: I keep the paper bag that the shampoo bar comes in and use it while traveling.... but when the bar is still damp, I just wrap it in a handkerchief  :D

BUT... one of my favorite things about using a shampoo bar over liquid is that my kids can't pour too much on their hands (or the floor) and waste it ;)

Oh of today, I'm on a week of using no conditioner!!  Seriously!!  And my hair isn't a tangled mess ;) want some good news?!  (I knew you would!)  Chagrin Valley Soaps are offering a 20% discount for my readers (that's you)!!  YAY!!  Here's how:

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