Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Daily Ocean: Day 47

On Sunday, the weather was... dare I say... near perfect.  We spent our day outside enjoying the 77˚ weather and getting a couple of our gardens-- herb and perennial flower gardens-- ready for Spring! (YAY!!)  In the afternoon, we decided that we couldn't miss out on going to the beach on this "perfect" day... BUT... as we were driving to Wrightsville Beach we watched the temperature drop from 75˚F to 59˚F!!!  As we walked up Access 38.... my husband was in shorts, my kids were in short sleeves... and only I and my 4 year old son had jackets.  Needless to say, our 47th clean-up was the longest 20 minutes EVER!!!
Not long after stepping onto the beach, we all noticed something "shining" in the sand.  My kids made a beeline and raced to get it... running back to us with a "kid-sized" Deerpark water bottle they unanimously said, "It's not even opened?!"  Of course, when I got home... I watered the grass with it.  Holding the bottle, I couldn't help but notice the text on the label...
Water from natural Florida springs in a plastic bottle found on a North Carolina Beach... but...(cue sarcasm) "We Can All Make a Difference. Please Recycle." Bullshit.  Recycling doesn't fix taking water from communities (see: Save Our Springs), recycling doesn't fix the people (and environment) who are being poisoned by the production of plastic bottles... recycling isn't fixing the plastic soup that's swirling in our oceans.... grrr...AND... not to mention that simple fact that plastic "recycling" isn't really recycling....  (deep breath)... 


I'd like to interrupt this rant and tell you to watch "Tapped" (free thanks to Hulu)

20 minutes on February 27, 2011
Cigarette butts: 84
Total amount of cigarette butts picked up off of Wrightsville Beach, NC in 47 days: