Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ingeo = Ingenious

I just finished redeeming lots of iTunes gift cards and have noticed something...

As soon as I pulled the cards off their paper "hanging" thingie... I noticed "ingeo plant-based card"!! No more PVC... I'm thinking that ingeo means "ingenious". I briefly searched to see if I can compost it... but didn't find much except that lots of companies are switching to this "new" plant-based plastic, which-- by the way-- makes me very happy.

SO... I've decided that I'm gonna chuck the cards in my compost pile and see what happens. Maybe in a few months... if all goes the way I hope it does... I'll be able to post a pic of shriveled iTunes cards.

My LOVE for iTunes is growing by the second... :)

Update on December 26, 2010:  Nearly a year after tossing my iTunes gift cards into my compost pile... the only thing that has changed is the color.  All of the writing is pretty much gone... but the cards haven't even begun to shrivel.  Still going to leave the cards in the pile and see how long it takes for them to compost... if they compost at all.  

(By the way, this year we made sure to request no gifts.)

UPDATE #2-- March 4, 2011: Not So Ingenious