Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Daily Ocean: Day 193

We're so lucky to live here. Having grown up landlocked in the Midwest, I used to daydream about living at the beach.  My kids though have always had this... they don't know what life is like without the beach... and truth be told, they can and do sometimes take it for granted... so I remind them over and over again.

They get to end their day swimming in the waves with sea gulls and pelicans flying overhead.
On Thursday, we sat on the beach and watched as pelicans dove into the water to catch fish.  Like a torpedo they'd hit the water.  And as quickly as they went down they'd come up and with a gulp they'd eat any fish they had caught.   In that simple moment, it's easy to know why it's important that there's no floating plastic in their way.

Connecting to all that is at the beach is one of the best ways to encourage a strong understanding of the reasons to protect it and keep it safe for the animals that call it home.  For me, teaching my kids to respect and take care of the world we live in is one of the most important things I can do.  And thankfully, there are many other parents in my local area who feel the same.

Big thanks to Mother's United-- Advocating for a Healthy Community for hosting the beach clean up Thursday evening!
20 minutes on July 25, 2013 at Access 28
Litter by weight: 1lb 5.3 oz
Cigarette butts: 136  (not including 1 electronic cigarette filter)
Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 193 days:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Daily Ocean: Day 192

One of the greatest pleasures of living by the beach is taking a picnic dinner and ending the day with the sounds of the ocean waves, light breezes, sandy toes and salty air. Eating at the beach is also a perfect way to get up close with the locals... 
We enjoy the moments when a lone seagull notices we have food and in the blink of an eye there's a flock of 20 hoping for a handout.  Since gulls are opportunistic feeders, they'll pretty much go for anything.... including plastic.  If it tastes like food or looks like food... and a gull doesn't want another gull to get it... they'll either fly away with the "food" to be chased and then instinctually swallow.  
 Maybe you've seen the video of the seagull swallowing a plastic bag?  If not, take a moment to watch it and share to help raise some awareness because the truth is: 

Things that seem completely harmless to us can pose serious threats to animals.
20 minutes on July 22, 2013 at Access 39
Litter by weight: 9.6 oz
Cigarette butts: 26
Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 192 days:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Daily Ocean: Day 191

Not long ago, I went to write "I've been so busy."  ...and as those words started out of my head and onto the screen... I hit a mental delete and instead said, "my life is full."  And so goes, why I haven't posted in so long....

My life is full. 
As I spent so much time focused on the Wrightsville Beach smoking ban the past couple of years, it's been good for me to take a bit of time away from the beach this year and focus on other things including reading and gardening. But when I do make it to the beach, I find myself mentally rewinding to previous years beach cleanups.  I am grateful that I was part of helping create change at Wrightsville Beach... because with every beach cleanup I do... it's evident that the smoke-free beach ordinance is working.  

Comparing my 149th beach clean up from July 15, 2012 at Access 36 to July 15, 2013 at Access 36 there's a 69% decrease in cigarette litter post smoking ban! 
There are many things worth celebrating at the beach and yes... the smoke-free beach ordinance is one of them ;)  When celebrating while at the beach (or anywhere for that matter), I'd like to make the suggestion to always celebrate responsibly and with thought and concern for the environment.

Make memories, not trash.
20 minutes on July 15, 2013 at Access 36
Litter by weight: 4.7 oz
Cigarette butts: 41
Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 191 days: