Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Daily Ocean: Day 38

On our way home from Tidal Creek and Flaming Amy's... I took a detour.  My kids asked, "Where are we going??"  My reply:  To the beach, of course. ;)
Although the weather was really nice today... there surprisingly weren't many people at Wrightsville Beach.  BUT there were signs that people were there.... we picked up nearly 20 cigarette butts just by the "Greensboro" bench at Access 17.
And while cigarette butts are the #1 littered item that we find... it's never just cigarette butts.  There's always other various plastics to be found... styrofoam, straws, bottle caps, wrappers, plastic bags, and other random "??" plastics like this piece that my son stuck on the end of a feather:

Last night, I watched a really great and inspiring video about a couple that has been collecting plastic off of their beach in Northern California for the past 10 years...

What they do with everything that they find is so impressive and gives me inspiration for all of the plastic bottle caps I've been collecting....

20 minutes on January 19, 2011
Litter by weight: 7.6 oz
Cigarette butts: 200  

Total amount of cigarette butts picked up off of Wrightsville Beach, NC in 38 days: