Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Daily Ocean: Day 37

It's crazy to think that just a few short months ago, my FilterForGood Film Project was being voted on... and my project being made into a short film was just a possibility.  But now, the possibility has become a reality and next weekend we will be at the Sundance Film Festival to see my project as a short film directed by Destin Cretton.  (squeeee!!)

We haven't been to Wrightsville Beach in over a week because--on Monday-- our area got hit with a winter storm.  We were originally supposed to get an accumulation of less than an inch of snow... but somehow we ended up getting 6 inches!!!  With the snow and cold temperatures, we stayed clear of the beach and found other things to do like go sledding in our backyard.   BUT... today the weather was actually kind of nice... so we made a visit to Access 29!!  As we were walking around the shoreline, my kids came across this little party on the.... errr... buried in the sand.   Hmmm... I don't think that I should have to say this... but... even if someone takes the time to bury their litter... it's STILL litter!!! 
(sorry about the grainy photos... I completely spaced and forgot my camera!!)
For the entire 52 weeks of 2011, I am collecting my plastic waste to share on "My Plastic Free Life" Show Your Plastic Challenge.   Every time I go to the beach, I always am reminded why I am making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastics that we use...  
When we stop accepting the products that litter our streets, our beaches, our parks.... our world... then we effectively start changing a system that isn't working.  Plastic pollution is a global problem... but in order to fix a global problem...we have to start local... and it doesn't get more local than your own home.  I encourage everyone to take the Show Your Plastic Challenge... no guilt... no judging... just an opportunity to become conscious of the things we can change... one step at a time.  My thought process: 

If we don't like something...we need to stop talking about how much we don't like it... and actively work to change it.  
(Example: Think plastic in our oceans sucks?... think littered roadways look trashy?... stop supporting those products... it's as simple as saying "No Thank You".)

On another note, it's dog days of winter at Wrightsville Beach.  We didn't take our dogs to the beach today, but they were certainly happy that some forgetful dog owners left this frisbee and 3 tennis balls.
I'm naturally an animal lover... we have 3 dogs.  BUT.... I'm not a lover of dog poo on the beach.    There was so much today... in the grasses, the tideline, randomly on the sand... shoot my kids almost stepped in some a few times... Besides the obvious reason for disliking dog poo on the beach (or other places!!), the bacteria in the feces contaminates our waters.... yuck!!  

20 minutes on January 15, 2011

Cigarette butts: 66
Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 37 days: