Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Than Resolutions.

Last January, I made my first real New Year's Resolution.... however, I didn't call it a New Year's Resolution... I called it a Life Resolution.

This year... I'm going to keep on keeping on with that Life Resolution, my cigarette butt litter project (including getting The Bait Tank's installed on Wrightsville Beach) and plastic-free food.  But it's not going to end there.  Nope.  I'm also going to make some commitments right here right now:

1. Join of Surfrider.  (Done!  My husband just joined!)

2. Collect our plastic waste EVERY week for 2011 and share it on "My Plastic Free Life" (the blog formerly known as Fake Plastic Fish) for the Show Your Plastic Challenge.  I'm hoping that by showing off our plastic waste for 52 weeks, that we'll have lots of epiphanies on how to reduce our plastic usage!!!  (This will start on Sunday January 2.)
This is our plastic waste from December 19-25, 2010
3. Continue to support the efforts of Bonnie Monteleone with The Plastic Ocean.

4. Become one of Wallace J. Nichols 100 Blue Angels to allow him to have one true employer-- the ocean.

5. Plastic bag ban in Wilmington.  I can't stop thinking about it.  So...Yeah, we're going to do it... and Bonnie's on board... who else wants to help???

Oh yeah... and I'm totally going to learn how to surf. ;)