Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Daily Ocean: Day 84

Today we spent about 4 hours at Wrightsville Beach.  It was plenty of time to play in the waves, build some drip castles, get a sunburn (yeah... I missed a couple of spots... oops!), and do a 20 minute beach clean up.
Normally we do our beach clean ups in the evening, but since we were at the beach to play it only made sense to spend 20 minutes picking up litter.  One thing I learned about picking up litter at 2 in the afternoon is that the sand is crazy HOT!!  Not wearing shoes, I tried my best to stay at the wrack line, but some plastic bags and food wrappers up in the dune grasses caught my attention... so I braved the burning hot sand!!!  Completely unrelated to beach clean ups: I may have a future in walking on hot coals! ;)

While my feet were on fire, I picked up several sandwich bags/ziplocks.  Here's the thing with plastics (especially bags and food wrappers):  They blow.  Even a person with the best of intentions to not litter, will end up littering... completely unintentional... it happens.  But, it doesn't have to happen.  All it takes is rethinking simple things and coming up with alternate solutions to things we commonly use.
Did you hear? Three of the largest plastic bag manufacturers are suing ChicoBag, a reusable bag company for "irreparably harming" their business. I, personally, think the lawsuit is completely ridiculous.  And to be completely real about it.... if anyone deserves to be sued, it's those plastic bag manufacturers.  Yes, I said it.  ChicoBag isn't "irreparably harming" our environment and choking/suffocating/killing animals... the only thing ChicoBag has ever done was try to help create a solution to one of the most ridiculously wasteful products ever created... the plastic bag.  Please take a moment to show your support for ChicoBag. 

After I grabbed the (above) Harris Teeter plastic bag, my feet were on fire... so I ran to the ocean to cool my feet down.  Perfect timing... 5 cigarette butts were being washed around in the incoming tide... :( 
20 minutes on August 7, 2011 at Access 38
Cigarette butts: 242
Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 84 days: