Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plastic-Free Food: Day 3

For the past couple of days, the rain has been coming down here in Wilmington.  We got over 10 inches of rain on Monday and are expected to get another 4-8 inches by Thursday... and as I type the rain is coming down in buckets.  SO... we've been stuck inside... which leaves kids wanting more snacks than usual.  I don't usually have too many plastic wrapped snacks in the house... but we usually have pretzels, string cheese, and some other easy to grab kid snacks.  I normally make granola bars, but the recipe that I use calls for crisp rice cereal... AND... cereal comes in a plastic bag.  SO... for the past couple of days my kids have been snacking mostly on fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and granola (all bought in bulk... using my own containers).

As the week progresses, I feel like living without foods in plastic is completely attainable for longer than just one week.  Food without plastic really takes some thought... but it's only because new habits are in the process of forming.

For breakfast, I made my husband an omelet... my daughter had an egg  (if you recall, we have our own egg laying hens... but if I do buy eggs I choose paper cartons).  My youngest had a leftover pancake (when I make pancakes... I always make too many and freeze the leftovers).  AND, I made biscuit cinnamon rolls.  I wasn't too crazy about them, but my bread loving 8 year old devoured them...

For lunch, I made more whole-wheat tortillas and the kids and I had PB&J roll ups (peanut butter ground fresh... put in my own glass jar) with fresh fruit-- apples and bananas.  My husband ate the leftover Vegetable Barley Soup and french bread (from day 2).

AND... for dinner?!?!!!...I don't know why I get most excited about dinner.  Maybe it's because it's the end of the day and it is in some sense a culmination of the day's work... my "chef d'oeuvre" to a plastic-free food day.... it's my reminder of what I am accomplishing...

Day 3 Plastic-free Dinner Menu

Romaine Salad with carrots and red onion

Here's how I made it all plastic-free:

I bought the portobello mushrooms, carrots and onions in bulk (using my own bag).  I didn't have any "mock beef broth" so I just used water.  I also didn't use the basil because I don't buy dried basil and I didn't have any fresh.  For the shells and cheese-- which I have to say that I was the most excited about!!-- I bought the pasta bulk (using my own container), I used local milk in reusable glass containers (the cap is plastic), and the gouda was wrapped in paper (per my request).  As far as the salad goes, I chopped up a head of romaine with loose carrots and red onion.

AND... besides being plastic-free... it was on the table in UNDER 20 minutes AND it was all SO YUMMY!!!!