Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fueling Abundance

A few years ago, my husband was involved with (our local) Cape Fear Biofuels and used to fill his diesel truck with biodiesel... but for whatever reason (I can't fully remember) he stopped.  Then whenever we started looking at new car for me he decided to call up our local biofuel group because  I really wanted to get a diesel so that I would be able to skip gas stations and fill up with biodiesel.  How cool would that be?  Never having to make a choice about which gas station was "better" (because really they all suck).  But when he called around he found out that members had moved (figuratively and literally).  So... we decided that a Prius was the best fit for me.  And I was am happy with that decision.

THEN... we watched the movie Fuel.  (If you haven't watched it yet... seriously... take the time to watch it!)  My husband got back on the phone...trying to figure out how to get biofuels back in our area and when we went to see Jack Johnson in Raleigh a month ago we made plans to visit Piedmont Biofuels.  We were happy to see and talk with them at the Village Green before the Jack Johnson concert.  So on Sunday morning, we (after being misguided by navigation) made it to Piedmont Biofuels located on Lorax Lane.  YES!  Streets are named after one of my favorite books!!

My husband went on the tour... and I watched our kids play on the playground and walked around...

 and what I saw was more than just about biofuels... back in an industrial park... life was IS thriving.

Life is thriving where fuel is being made!  Just think about it... think about all of the oil in the gulf... think about all of the oil refineries... they look nothing like this....

And the wildlife that is thriving in this eco industrial park as they call it... is just the tip.... we saw bananas, pears and figs growing... worm bins...not to mention the CSA (community supported agriculture) they have going and things such as a chess game made from reused auto (?) parts.   After the tour was over, Lyle showed us some of the different businesses on Lorax Lane.  Thing is... they're all like-minded... this community of businesses work together and support each other... fueling abundance... fueling a local economy.  And I absolutely LOVE it!!  If only they were located by a beach... I'd totally think about moving ;) 

 So what's going to happen now??  What does the future hold for biofuels in my area??  Well, I hate to lead you on... but unfortunately... you'll have to wait and see (or in this case read ;) )

Check out The Abundance Foundation and make plans to stop by (or go on a road trip) to Piedmont Biofuels.  (But don't get confused!  They're one in the same ;) )

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