Friday, September 10, 2010


Years ago, during the summer months I used to keep our air conditioning set on 75° F  during the day and 71° F at night for sleeping  (70° when I was pregnant!!! ;) ).   The past few years, I have been adjusting our thermostat and don't keep our house quite so cold.

So the other day when my son said to me, "Why do you have to keep it so cold in here????"  I was, obviously, completely caught off guard... laughed a bit and said (as I felt his head for a fever), "Are you serious??  It's 77° in here."

But with that, I decided that I should check the thermostat... and while I was there I thought about my son's comment.  Maybe it was time for another adjustment....

Lovely picture, I know ;)  I just felt that proof was necessary ;)

Yup... I did it... I bumped our AC up one degree up to 78°!!  AND... when I changed our daytime temperature... I was surprised to see that we have the A/C set at 76° for the night!!!  

Ok... so what does this mean??

By adjusting my thermostat by one degree it saves us about 10% on our energy bill!!  (Over the past few years, we've adjusted our thermostat by 3 degrees during the day and 6 degrees at night!!!)  Saving energy AND $$!!  Also, I read that by adjusting the temperature by just 2 degrees all year, we save about 2,000 pounds of C02 a year.  YAY!!!

Now the real question you're probably wondering is.... "is my house uncomfortably warm??"  Of course it isn't.  I've come to the conclusion that I want to be comfortable in my house... and by comfortable I mean that I don't want to have to change what I'm wearing when I come inside from the heat.  If it's hot outside, I don't want to have to put on a jacket, get a blanket, or wear socks (what are those again?? ;) ) to feel comfortable!  

SO... take off your socks....kick off the blankets on your bed... and head on over to your thermostat and get adjusting!!