Friday, July 8, 2011

That's (Still) My Ride

Not long ago, my friend's husband mentioned that I might have gone overboard with the amount of bumper stickers that I have on my car.  Funny that it all started  a little over a year ago with just three and now I have 22!  Ok... maybe that is a lot, but I can't seem help myself.  So I keep adding flair to share with other drivers (or passer-bys) who I am because I totally like to express myself ;)  (...and see people smile)

Yup, I'm the girl who says "F*@k Plastic"... loves the beach, believes in community and equality, supports local... and well, so much more.  Hi! I'm Danielle.... you know me ;)

Hmmm... the left side is looking a little bare... don't ya think??!!