Monday, May 24, 2010

That's MY Ride

Well, it's finally happened... I've given my Prius some long overdue individuality!!  YAY!! 

Over the weekend, my Pluckfastic bumper sticker(s) arrived in the mail!! (yes, Jennifer and Bonnie I have yours, too!

After adding the Pluckfastic bumper sticker, I added "Keep Life Wild" (Ando and Friends) and "Eat At Flaming Amy's" (Fast Cheap and Easy...Amy's burrito barn is my absolute favorite place to eat and they've even gone Styrofoam-free! :)). 

Besides loving the way it looks, I like the stickers because I'm making a statement about who I am... a girl that says "F*ck Plastic", enjoys an oversized burrito, and has a particular outlook on life :)  Now that's not ALL there is to me... so I'll definitely need to add some more "pieces of flair" because I REALLY want to express myself ;)

Hmmm... what to add next??? (any and all suggestions welcome :))

I'm thinking that I may need that sticker that says, "Tree hugging dirt worshiper."