Monday, October 25, 2010

Smooth (and Plastic-free) Shave

A few years ago, my husband and his father went to Mexico for a father son camping trip to see the California gray whales migration.  Knowing there would be no running water... it was important for me to find personal care products that wouldn't disrupt (ok... pollute) the water they'd be bathing in.  I went to my local cooperative market (you guessed it... Tidal Creek) and after a brief explanation of what I needed (shampoo, shaving, non-liquid and environmentally kind) they promptly handed me a bar of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. 

Without using it once before his trip, he took the soap to Mexico and when he returned he no longer wanted to use his over-priced shave cream from Art of Shaving.  (YAY!!)  Of course, I had been on a mission to find a better shave cream for myself... one with no parabens and no plastic... so when I saw how well Dr. Bronner's lathered I quickly made the switch and have never for one second thought about switching back to shave gels or creams.

Things I like about Dr. Bronners Magic Bar Soaps:

1. No plastic.  Even the inks that are used on the paper packaging are soy based inks! (rad, I know.)
2. No funky ingredients.  Check out the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic's Database.
3. Commitment to environment.  Palm oil is a big issue... and Dr. Bronner's signed this pledge.
4. Fair Trade.  Part of the environment is the people that we share it with... read about Fair Trade here.

Oh... just wait... there's more!!! 

Several weeks ago, the mirror that holds our razors fell AND my husband's "Gillette" razor broke in half.  He asked me to get him a new razor... hmmm... everything happens for a reason.  I told him to "let me do some research."  I knew exactly where to look.  Fake Plastic Fish, of course!!  (Seriously, if you're looking to rid your life of a plastic product... Fake Plastic Fish is the place to go.)  All I did was search "razor" and up popped the information I needed.  I convinced my husband to give a "safety razor" a try and ordered a plastic free razor!!!  

We were both super stoked when the razor came in the mail... and the next morning my husband used it.... well... he tried to use it.  He came out of the bathroom... face all cut up... and said, "send it back.  I'm not using it."  Determined to rid our home of another plastic-product... I wasn't going to give up. When he went to work, I looked up how to use a safety razor... turns out... safety razors are a lot different than their disposable 2, 3, 6, 100 blade counterparts. Ooooopppssss... should've given my husband directions before he put a blade to his face!!  Lesson learned ;)  With encouragement... ok pressure... from me... he gave the safety razor another try.

And now after a month of using the safety razor....he LOVES having a plastic-free razor!!  AND... so do I.  (no cut up legs for me though... after seeing his face that first day... let's just say that I'm easy on the legs ;) )  

Curious about what I've done with my plastic (disposable head) razor??... We kept it and it's been allocated for travel.  :D