Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Daily Ocean Community: Missy

Yesterday, I received this (gift):

"This is for you Danielle. This morning the kids and I woke up and went to WB and picked up litter for 20 minutes since we know Danielle is out of town and will not be back until this week sometime, we wanted to show her we support her more than just voting on her project but to do 20 minutes of cleanup since she is away!!

                           Keep it BEAUTIFUL!!!
                                                                  yup even a chair!

298 BUTTS, 30 straws, 1 bottle cap, fishing line, candy wrapper, and zip lock bag :~("

**Missy and her kids went to one of our most frequented spots... Oceanic.  Thanks Missy for ALL of your support!! 
I've added the butt count to the "Community Butt Count" on the sidebar.