Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coast to Coast...

It's been over a week since I've made it out to Wrightsville Beach to do a 20 minute beach clean-up.  Without making excuses... sometimes things get in the way.  Last week, it was 22 inches of rain and then a weekend camping trip.  I made it over to the beach tonight after my son's karate, only to realize that the sun is setting so much earlier than it used to.... yes... I attempted to pick up cigarette butts...but really couldn't see much.  Unfortunately, it will be another week before I make it out to Wrightsville Beach.  Because...

Tomorrow, I leave for California!!  Going to see Jack Johnson (again!) for my Aunt's 40th birthday and visit my friend Sara who writes The Daily Ocean blog.  Sara and I are going to do some awesome stuff while I'm visiting her... including a 20 minute beach clean-up (such a surprise, I know ;) )  I look forward to sharing what I find (and don't find) on her Santa Monica beach.

Also, on 10-10-10.... 350.org is hosting a GLOBAL WORK PARTY!!!

People all over the world-- 187 countries are participating and 6,353 events are scheduled-- will be getting together to do something to will help deal with global warming.  Have you heard??  President Obama has committed to installing solar panels on the White House living quarters by Spring 2011.  YAY!!

Since I'll still be in California for the Global Work Party... visiting my Aunt (and family) in San Diego... I decided to look up an event near where I'll be.  SO..... on 10-10-10, I-- along with my Mom and Aunt(s)-- will be joining the GLOBAL WORK PARTY in Oceanside, CA for a beach clean-up.  I figure a beach clean-up is right up my alley and I can count some cigarette butts while I'm at it ;)

If you'd like to get involved in the Global Work Party... (and you know you do!!)... find an event near you here and sign up!!