Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Get Well"

Between field trips and visiting guests, we visit the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher A LOT.  Two weeks ago-- on our most recent visit-- as we walked to our car... we noticed something new.

A work of art made completely from recycled and repurposed materials by local artist Raffaele Paglia.

"A New Moon Rising-- Carolina Moon"

and on the plaque next to the sculpture it reads:

"Get Well"

When I started the sculpture "A New Moon Rising-- Carolina Moon" I never thought that a simple discarded balloon that I found on the beach would define this project.  With recent developments in the Gulf of Mexico, this balloon has added meaning.  It simply states "a get well hug for you".  For a project that was to show, on a local level, the effects of our disregard and negligence, it now has a much more global impact now.

The "Carolina Moon" was designed to celebrate the history of Carolina Beach, which was once the symbol of our town and island.  This was never meant to be a "beautiful" piece of work, since it is primarily composed of recycled and repurposed materials once destined for a landfill.  The cloud formation at the bottom is composed of "beach debris" and other materials washed up and left on our beaches.

Please join us in an effort to keep our beaches and waters clean.

Raffaele (Raffa) Paglia