Monday, May 31, 2010

Repurpose and Reuse Cereal Bags

A month ago, I was reading My Garden Green and she had a fabulous idea to "Repurpose those Cereal Bags!"  Here's what she says:

"What to do with those plastic bags that house your cereals & crackers? Use them as ziploc bags! I have not bought a box of plastic storage baggies since November - yay me! I've been saving the plastics bags from inside our cereal & cracker boxes.  I just turn them inside out and wash them and let them dry.  So far I've been able to use them for taking my lunch to work, holding my washed/cut up fruit and veggies, storing leftovers in the fridge and even in the freezer.  I even stored a min-watermelon in one the other day.  Who needs plastic wrap?!  While I'm not sure what number plastic they are made from - yet - it sure beats tossing them in the trash. (I've emailed a couple of the companies and have not received any answers yet, but googling the bags points to a #2) How to seal it with no "ziploc"?  Reuse rubberbands or simple tie a ribbon around the opening!

Goodbye plastic bags and plastic wrap! May you never set foot in my house again!"

Of course, it's been years since I've purchased zip-lock bags... I used to reuse deli meat/cheese bags (but I don't buy meats anymore) and I've had the same roll of plastic wrap for the past few years (seriously, mentally it's hard for me to use the stuff and when I do use it, I save it for later to reuse as many times as I can... Grandma would be SO proud ;) ).  So after reading the blogpost on My Garden Green, I was super excited... so excited that I almost posted moments after reading it.  Then I thought... hmmm... I need to try this out!!!  It's taken me awhile for two reasons: #1.  I tend to always use containers with lids and #2. My kids don't eat that much cereal.  So last night, when I realized that all of my large containers were full and I had a whole cut up pineapple and some leftovers from dinner to store...

I pulled out 2 cereal bags and a couple of rubber bands (saved from produce).  My bowls were too big to fit inside the cereal bag, so I opened them up at the seam... used he biggest rubberband that I could find... and Voila! instant storage!!

YAY! for My Three Green Girls for coming up with such a creative way to repurpose an item that would normally end up in the trash!!! :)