Thursday, May 6, 2010

Composting: Just Do it Already

Did you know that 35% of household waste consists of compostable materials???

For the past 3 years, we have been composting all of our kitchen and food scraps, food soiled paper products, leaves, grass clippings and many many other items including corn based plastics. I have professed my LOVE for composting (check out: "Throw It In the Compost Bin")... and as this is Compost Awareness Week... I'm gonna go ahead and tell you that it's about time you started composting and learn what my LOVE for composting is all about.

Of course, you may need convincing... I'm up for the challenge.

First things first... Obviously, when we keep all of our compostables out of the garbage, we create less trash. Less trash means fewer garbage bags (shoot, we don't even use trash bags) and fewer visits that the trash trucks have to make to the landfill. And speaking of landfills, less trash going to the landfill means that the landfills won't fill up quite as fast, which extends the life of landfills-- therefore, decreasing the need for new landfills. YAY!!!!

Did you know that composting is nature's way of recycling?! :) Sure is. And like recycling, composting just makes sense. And if since you recycle... composting is just the next step in diverting your waste (reread about landfills, if you must) :) And unlike sending your recyclables off to be processed, with composting you get to see the natural recycling process happen right in front of your eyes (ok.. the process is not immediate).

By composting, you can turn this:

(Yep... that's the new compostable SunChips bag in the back along with food scraps, paper bags and boxes, etc etc etc)

Into... THIS:

(Not leaves and a Ben & Jerry's container....Check out the line... that nice dark stuff at the bottom is finished compost.)

(This is what our almost finished compost pile looks like... won't be long :))

SO... are you ready?? (Good.)

Need more convincing?? (Tell me... I'll work on it.)

If you want to compost but are stumped on what to do with the finished compost... check out this link: Home Composting Made Easy and if you live someplace where you don't have a yard... you can use your compost in pots and planters or sign up for Freecycle and give away your compost :) (Also, there are some places (every area is different) that accept donations of finished compost... google is your friend ;) )