Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Cup of Tea

This evening, I finished off my last box of Yogi Green Tea. (I have to admit that I'm a little sad... I'm gonna miss those little "fortunes" on the tea tag.)  A few weeks ago, I decided that I was done buying individually wrapped tea bags (even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Yogi teas SO much).  One thing I'm not going to miss is the  plastic lined paper.... 

I compost the tea bags and wrappers that they come in... and the above is what the "paper" wrapper looks like and then when it's finished composting... paper gone... plastic virtually unchanged.

The main reason I decided to stop buying the prepackaged teas came to me almost by mistake.  I had always thought that tea had to come in tea bags AND individually wrapped.  Then, one day while my kids were at the park (with their Dad), I went to my local co-op sans crazy monkeys... it was then that I had the opportunity to take my time and look around (without having my kiddos asking and reaching for everything on the shelves).  Enjoying the peacefulness of the shopping trip, a thought occurred to me to ask about some twig tea that I had gotten samples of the month prior.  They didn't have any... BUT... then I was told, "We do have it in bulk."  

BULK?!?  *Tea* in bulk!?!  Who knew??  He then went on to show me the different teas (told me how I could make my own combinations!) and reusable bags/infusers.  I bought my infuser that day, but waited to get some tea until I had a container that I could reuse...

Ok... so I'm going to slightly miss my favorite "Green Tea with Kombucha"... but I'm not going to miss the waste associated with buying a box filled with individually wrapped tea bags.  

 Besides... with the bulk tea selection... I'm sure to find a new favorite :)

My last Yogi tea tag fortune:

"Strength lies not in what you have, but in what you can give."