Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dust Bunnies

Everyone that knows me, knows that we have enough animals to be considered a small farm ;).  When I turned 17, Aaron gifted me a golden retriever (Buddy) for my birthday.  A year later, he surprised me with another (Belle) for Christmas.  Back then, the floors in our house were-- for the most part-- carpet.  Then we moved to Wilmington and the only places to find carpet were in the bedrooms.  Hardwood floors led way to what I jokingly referred to as "tumble weeds" of dog hair.  In order to curb this unsightly mess, I would have to Swiffer every day.  I say "Swiffer" because that was what I used to sweep my floors.  I'd go through boxes and boxes of those magical little sheets... covered in dog hair, dirt and sand... I would toss them one by one... ok, more like two by two into the trash.  Then we adopted/rescued a Great Dane.  More Swiffer sheets to be used.  More and more of those disposable sheets kept going into the trash.

Then one day... don't ask me why because I just don't know.... as I was "Swiffering", a thought popped into my head.  "What ever happened to those big mop things like they used in school??"  For some reason... I attribute it all to advertising... I believed that Swiffer was the only product that would truly get my floors dog hair, dust, and sand free.  I called my Mom to figure out what this mystery item was... turns out it's called a dust mop!!  That would be SO much more convenient than these little disposable sheets.  I started thinking about how wasteful the Swiffer was.... not only on the environmental aspect, but with the $$ aspect.  Essentially, I was throwing our money away to a landfill every time I swept.

SO... the next time I went to Target, I went to the cleaning aisle.  Amazed at what I found... they certainly don't put the Swiffer next to the reusable dust mops!!  I purchased a Scotch Brite dust mop and an extra microfiber cover, which I still use and reuse over and over again!!  That was somewhere around 7 years ago!!!

Do I ever miss the Swiffer?  Nope.  The dust mop works great and when I'm done sweeping... I shake it out and put it away... and when it's too filthy to pick up anything else... I throw it in the wash.  It's just as convenient as the Swiffer... maybe even more since I never have to think about buying another box of Swiffer sheets!!

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