Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 Easy Words

The final push to start this blog came from my friend Tracy.  I got a message from her that read,

"Last night Mike said, NO THANK YOU! I talk and he never listens, you must put it into simpler terms for him!!" 

It took me a moment to get what she was referring to... then it hit me.  As we were leaving to go camping, Mike went into the gas station and bought some drinks for the drive.  He came out with his purchases in a plastic bag.  I said, "What's with the plastic bag???"  He replied, "Oh, they just put it in it."  My response, "No Thank You are 3 easy words."

I say those words all the time.  "No Thank You" to plastic bags, balloons, straws, plastic utensils, ketchup packets, restaurant kids cups, to-go cups and boxes.... my list is long... if I don't need it, I say 'No thank you'.  AND even if the 'no thank you' item is already given to me (especially in drive-thru's things are thrown in the bag that I simply will never use)... I politely hand it back.  My reasons are varied for why I say "No Thank You".  Sometimes it's about how long I would use the item and how long it would rest in a landfill... sometimes it's a story or a picture.... 

Advice:  Choose something to say "No thank you" to and be prepared for the 'look' (of confusion).... it is inevitable :)