Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Daily Ocean: Day 135

This afternoon, I met a couple of moms from Mother's United at Wrightsville Beach.  Mother's United is a group of moms that are taking an active role in causes that impact the health of their (our) children because as they say "sometimes being a good mom means being an active citizen."
...and we're all learning.  Being an active citizen takes time and effort... and everyone knows that when you have kids, the amount of time you have to give (which usually isn't much) has to be spent wisely.  As much as I try to be an active and engaged citizen.... sometimes I fall short of what I want to be involved in.  I constantly have to remind myself that I can only do so much and that my first priority is being a mom to my three amazing kids.  BUT.  There are times when I personally push myself past the "I have kids, I can't do that"... "I can't attend that with my kids"... "I don't have time" lines and remind myself that because I HAVE kids is one of the main reasons that I NEED to show up... I have to make the time.  Thursday evening was one of those instances.  

Last night (April 26), my family and I attended the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management hearing for public comments regarding seismic testing off the Atlantic coast.  I am concerned about this on so many different levels... one being the negative impact that seismic testing has on marine mammals and other aquatic marine life.  AND... Let's just get it out there.  If they take the time to test for oil and natural gas reserves in the Atlantic Ocean... then it's obvious the next step would be to drill.  Drilling = spilling

I spend so much time at the beach... giving what I can to help keep it clean and beautiful because I love it so much.  I hate to think about the negative impacts that seismic testing has on all marine life... and it pains me to imagine the possibility of drilling for oil (or greenwashed "natural" gas) off our coast.  So we went to the hearing, because it was important.  I have to say being at the hearing was really really awesome.  Seeing the community come out and rally together in support of our oceans, beaches, marine life and ecosystems, marine fisheries, environment, economy and a sustainable future was an inspiring thing to see... and once again made me so proud of our community.  My husband along with 27 other people spoke out against seismic testing and in favor of Alternative C-- no action.  NC Senators Thom Goolsby and Bill Rabon along with another person (who appeared to work for the oil industry) commented in favor of seismic testing and off-shore drilling in the Atlantic.  28-3 against off-shore drilling!!
But while it felt good to be at the meeting and witness the community come together.  That meeting wasn't the end.  The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is accepting public comment until May 30. I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone (including YOU) to take the time to send a public comment opposing seismic testing off the Atlantic coast and in support of Alternative C.  This is the only time we have a chance to say anything... don't sit back thinking someone else has it under control... this isn't a someone else thing.. this is a "WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" event!!

Please send written comments to by May 30, 2012

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