Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Daily Ocean: Day 131

A couple of days ago, my friend Sara who writes The Daily Ocean let me know that she picked up 4 cigarette butts during her most recent 20 minute beach clean up in Santa Monica (a smoke-free beach).  So far Sara has removed 105 cigarettes in 9 beach clean ups.  While we have done only 8 beach clean ups at Wrightsville Beach and have removed 2,004 cigarette butts.
 I've become very intrigued by the difference in amount of cigarette butts and weight that we each remove from our beaches.  So, I got to thinking.  We had done our 130th beach clean up and I wondered... "How many pounds of trash had Sara removed from her beach in Santa Monica by the same point I'm at... day 130??"  Of course, I looked it up...  Interesting thing.  Sara's 130th beach clean up was the day that my family and I met Sara.  It's super fun to look back and see where it all started...

The Daily Ocean: Day 130-- July 16, 2010  

... Ok.  Back to where I was.  By day 130, Sara had removed a over 515 lbs of trash from her beach in Santa Monica.  By our 130th beach clean up we had only removed 250 lbs of trash from Wrightsville Beach.  To me this is SO significant.  It boggles my mind a bit...  By sheer weight, it would appear that Wrightsville Beach is less littered... that makes me happy.  BUT... we pick up 20 times the amount of cigarette butts!  Wrightsville Beach (once again) has the opportunity to remove the most littered item on the beach strand... come out to the WB Board of Alderman meeting on April 12 at 6PM.  Wear a blue shirt and come support a Smoke-Free WB!
If you've been reading along for awhile now... or have ever glanced at what it says at the top of this blog-- It starts with me and ripples to you-- you know that I started this blog to share the things I do... the differences I make in this world to (hopefully) inspire others to action.  Yesterday, while we did a beach clean up at Wrightsville Beach... a new project was starting just to the south of us in Kure Beach...

To say Danielle's blog is about picking up litter would be an understatement.  Words here cannot fully express the depth of her project and how far reaching it is becoming. Her beach butts project got my attention.  How many cigarette butts have I seen on the beach since being here?  Tons.  And how many had I picked up?  Not one.  Until now.  Danielle and I have made contact and I am doing my part for The Daily Ocean. 

Words cannot begin to convey what this means to me... I'm flattered and touched... I'm inspired... I'm motivated.  I am grateful.

20 minutes on April 8, 2012 at Access 16
Litter by weight: 8 lbs 1.4 oz
Cigarette butts: 642

Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 131 days: