Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Daily Ocean: Day 72

Some people go out for dinner and a movie... but not us.  Nope.  When my husband and I go out sans our (awesome) kids, we prefer to do dinner and a beach clean up ;)

On Friday, as we started our 20 minutes, the first thing we noticed was this huge hole.

We couldn't get over how deep it was, but it wasn't just deep!!  If I would have laid down... it was the length of my body!  Being that it's sea turtle nesting season, we immediately made the decision to fill the hole (and another one that we found).  If you're confused about what a hole on the beach has to do with a sea turtle, here's the deal:  Mama sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs... deep holes are (dangerous) obstacles that could either injure or trap the turtle. :(

Digging holes at the beach is super fun... but it's also loads of fun filling them back in!  So... if you dig a hole while at the beach this summer... please take a moment to fill it in.  AND... even if you didn't dig the hole... please take a couple of minutes and fill the hole so that a mama sea turtle can safely come ashore to lay her eggs.

The volunteers of the WB Sea Turtle Project are also finding holes on the beach... Check out this recent post on WB--Keep It Clean that includes a picture of a deep hole with a sand sculpture of a sea turtle.

More sea turtle news: the other morning I read this incredible story about a leatherback sea turtle laying her eggs on a beach in Florida. What's amazing about this particular sea turtle is that she doesn't have her rear flippers to dig her nest... so volunteers watch for her and dig a hole just deep enough for her to lay her eggs!!  How amazing is that!?!

When we weren't busy filling in holes, we were busy picking up litter.  Thankfully, the beach wasn't trashed.  There was a little litter here and there, but all in all... I was pleasantly surprised... and so relieved to not have the overwhelming feeling that we had during the last weekends in May.

If there were awards for the strangest thing we find on the beach... this empty bag of "My Mommy's Milk" would get it!  My husband and I both immediately made the joke: Doesn't mommy's milk come package free?? ;)
Access 33 is one of our least visited accesses.  For some reason I never think to go there.  In fact, Friday's clean up was only our 3rd at Access 33... AND... I just realized it was EXACTLY 2 months ago on April 10!!  I always find it interesting looking back... seeing the differences between the days and months.  Sometimes the difference is better and sometimes it's worse.  On Friday, the cigarette butt litter at 33 was significantly better than our last visit. But something that isn't changing is people's lack of responsibility.  Last time, we watched as a man threw his fishing line to the ground.  This time, as were were leaving the beach...we found something in our path that wasn't there when we first came... a plastic bag with a dirty diaper. :(   I can't even imagine how or why the people would have put their trash in the middle of the pathway.  The trash can was nearly empty and there's even a trash can at the Blockade Runner Hotel.  Hmmm... while I'm baffled at how some people seem to have a blatant disregard for our environment... I am thankful for every single person that takes the time to make this world a better place to live in :)

20 minutes on June 10, 2011 at Access 33
Cigarette butts: 91
Found 10 littered plastic straws... hmmm... thinking that Blockade Runner needs to make the switch to paper or reusable glass straws ;)
Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 72 days: