Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bag It

Yesterday--with my 3 year old in tow--I braved the mall.  Knowing I had lots to get... I, of course, took one of my Envirosax bags in with me.  They're super convenient (roll up into a little ball) and are also very stylish:)  From GapKids to Victoria's Secret, every sales associate happily put my purchases in my reusable bag.  We had such a good time and everyone at the mall was in a great mood-- friendly, helpful, considerate and above all accommodating.

Then we went to Dillard's to get my husband some new undershirts (I've been happily referring to them as 'tall boys').  As the sales associate checked me out, I let her know that I didn't need a bag because I had my own.  And what she said didn't surprise me... I had been prepared for it ever since it happened to my Mom over a month ago... she said, "Oh, it's required that I put your purchase in one of our bags.  Security.  That way you don't get stopped."  I politely said, "I'm sorry... I don't take bags.  It's OK, if I get stopped... not a big deal.  Thank you, though." With that, she put my purchase in my bag and I never got stopped by security.

Moral of the story: I could have easily taken a bag, but I chose  choose not to.  My choices influence supply and demand.  Yesterday, I chose not to take six bags.

What would I have done if  I didn't have a reusable bag with me? (Highly unlikely) But back in the day when I was a constant reusable bag forgetter, I would have either carried my purchases in my arms or taken one bag and put all of my purchases in it instead of six individual store bags.

I live by the motto: If I take a bag, they make a bag.