Monday, August 27, 2012

Green Bag Lady: Beach Freebie!

Last fall, Teresa aka Green Bag Lady was kind enough to make a few of us-- including myself and Sara-- that do consistent beach clean ups some very special beach bags for our beach clean ups!  The bags are super AWESOME because they're designed with mesh bottoms that allow the sand to fall through... no longer do I bring home the beach!  ;)

... AND, now Teresa wants others to have these bags too!!  On her blog Green Bag Lady, she's giving away 3 mesh bottomed beach bags like Sara and I have plus 9 beach themed bags!

Want to win a bag?  It's easy!  

To enter: Hop on over to 
Green Bag Lady: Beach FREEBIE!! 

Don't miss out! The giveaway ends on Tuesday, August 28 at 10PM CST