Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Strong Girl Designs

I am, by every account, a lover of good quotes.  I find that there is something s0 reassuring about connecting my thoughts and my words to something outside of myself.   For me, they often serve as reminders to the simple connections we have with others in the world...  
When my friend Kim-- a local artisan who makes handcrafted pieces from metal-- told me that she wanted to make me a personalized copper cuff and it could say whatever I wanted... my heart leapt with excitement.  But then, being that I'm indecisive (and a procrastinator), it took me months before I could decide on the words that would be set in copper.  My procrastination paid off and I'm happy that I waited to make the decision because the quote I chose is 100% me.  Not normally a jewelry person (I usually only wear my ring), I'm finding having words to live by on my wrist just feels good... (Kim, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!) 

Months ago, when Kim and I first talked about my bracelet, we discussed her designing a copper cuff that would support a local non-profit.  As we were chatting about Ocean Cure prior to our Backyard Benefit Jam, Kim mentioned one of my favorite quotes:

"Individually we are one drop... together we are an ocean" 

..and just like that the "Together We Are an Ocean for Ocean Cure" copper cuff was created.

 Kim was super kind as to donate one for our Backyard Benefit Jam raffle and is currently selling the "Together We Are an Ocean" copper cuff in her Etsy shop Big Strong Girl Designs with $10 from the sale of each bracelet being donated to Ocean Cure!! YAY!!!

Love that copper cuff and want to get your own?  Visit big strong girl designs

Want to know more about Ocean Cure?  Go here.