Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Daily Ocean: Day 45

Every time we do a beach clean up... I post all of the pictures that I take on my Facebook page.  On a photo from Day 42, Sarah N. told me about how Camel makes a cigarette that has a little plastic "flavor" pellet inside the filter. I was immediately intrigued... especially knowing that I had picked up some of the cigarettes that she told me about.  So today... when we got home from Wrightsville Beach and I was counting all of the cigarette butts that we found at Access 19... you can imagine my excitement when I saw this:
I immediately put it to the side and kept counting butts... then when I finished... I opened it up:
And found the little plastic "flavor" pellet that Sarah had told me about...
Insane... right?!?  ...I'm honestly at a loss for words.

20 minutes on February 19, 2011
Litter by weight: 1 lb 2.4 oz
Cigarette butts: 131

 Total amount of cigarette butts picked up off of Wrightsville Beach, NC in 45 days: