Friday, November 5, 2010

Watch It: Tedx Great Pacific Garbage Patch Event LIVE

Please join me here on It Starts With Me on Saturday, November 6  at 8:30 am PST... that's 9:30 Mnt., 10:30 Central and 11:30 for all you East coasters ;)....  for an 
 unprecedented worldwide web event on plastic pollution-- 

the Tedx GreatPacificGarbagePatch event!!!
The conference takes place Saturday, Nov 6 from 8:30am to 6pm Pacific Time. There is an absolutely AMAZING and INSPIRING lineup of speakers, including Dr. Sylvia Earle, David de Rothschild, Ed Begley Jr, Captain Charles Moore, Anna Cummins & Marcus Ericsen, Chris Jordan, Beth Terry and many many others guaranteed to educate and inspire us for this one day information marathon covering topics from plastic in the ocean to plastic in our bodies, AND solutions from personal actions to global initiatives and getting businesses on board. Check out the complete agenda and plan on joining this global event!!!!  Seriously, you don't want to miss it... whatever time you have to watch... seize it!!! :)
The Livestream will be up November 6 at 8:30 am PST.   If for any reason the player isn't working, please click to view at

tedxgp2 on Broadcast Live Free

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