Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Daily Ocean: Day 22

This afternoon my kids and I headed to Wrightsville Beach... once again it was an absolutely beautiful day!!  This is the November that I LOVE and the reason I moved here!!!

I know we've been going to Access 16 a lot lately... but today I had a reason-- easy to find and convenient location!!  My purpose for heading to WB today was not only to do a 20 minute clean up, but to also meet Zak Keith of Oceana North Carolina!
Zak is in Wilmington working as a field organizer for Oceana's climate and energy campaign to stop the expansion of offshore drilling along the Atlantic Coast.  YAY!!  Now that's a campaign that I will happily support and encourage everyone else to support as well!!  Please visit Oceana and/or Oceana North Carolina to sign the petition to President Obama in support of clean energy and against offshore drilling!

So as we picked up butts (and other litter),  Zak got me up to speed on the issues of off-shore drilling.  I've always been one to say that--of course--I'm against offshore drilling for the obvious reasons.  Some other reasons are purely aesthetics.  I don't want to look out from Wrighstville Beach (or any other beach for that matter) and see a offshore drilling platform.  But as Zak informed me... even if we couldn't see it from our beach there would always be reminders that it's out there... reminders coming in the form of tarballs that could wash up on our East Coast beaches.  YUCK!!
It's been 7 months since the Deep Water Horizon disaster and it's important that people don't forget....The only way to prevent another oil spill is by stopping offshore drilling and investing in clean energy.

A clean, safer energy future is possible... and it's up to US to demand it!!  

Check out this video of dolphins and a whale filmed (today) off the coast of Wrightsville Beach by fellow local litter sweeper.... "we live in paradise"... let's protect it....

We NEED change.
20 minutes on November 22, 2010
Cigarette Butts: 545

Total amount of cigarette butts picked up off of Wrightsville Beach, NC in 22 days: