Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey, Big Spender.... Where Are YOU??

Last week, I received this letter from the the grocery store that I used to frequent at least two times a week... 

Ok... so I know the people who work in the produce department have commented on how they haven't seen me much... BUT... I didn't realize I had cut back on my shopping that much!!!! YAY!!

Of course, I filled out the survey (in detail) and called the 800 number.  Here are some of the things I discussed:

Local foods (produce, dairy, seafood), bulk foods, more organics AND how a year or so ago they used our coastal area as a test market for ONLY plastic grocery bags (seriously)... and let them know that the store I do shop at now has a plastic bag ban. ;)

I am just so pumped that I used to be a big spender at Harris Teeter... and now... they've taken notice that I'm spending my money elsewhere....

SO....I would like to thank my Farmers' Markets, my CSA (Cottle Farm Organics), my garden (even though it didn't perform to my expectations), Tidal Creek Cooperative Market, Edens Produce (a roadside farm stand) and the lady that sells local shrimp on the side of the road for helping make this happen!!!

VOTE with YOUR $$