Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ban the Bag

Do you live in California?  (if not... watch the video and keep reading ;) )  Call Your California State Senator and urge them to support AB 1998, the bill to ban plastic carryout bags in California.

Of course, I don't live in Cali... BUT... I know people who do.  So I'm helping spread the word about this bill because it could be HUGE.... not just for California but for all states.  Remember when California banned smoking in bars and restaurants???  I never imagined with that ban so many other states would follow suit.  Even here in North Carolina-- tobacco country... and home of R.J. Reynolds-- there is a smoking ban.  YAY!!

SO... if you live in Cali... call and write your state senators.  If you don't live in Cali... spread the word... chances are you know someone who knows someone who.... can help make this happen ;)