Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Giving

Tomorrow--June 22-- I will celebrate my 32nd birthday. :D

I can't remember the last time that I asked for anything for my birthday... while it's certainly nice to receive a gift....I really don't need any presents.

So this year, I thought...

"Why not use my birthday to do something good for the world?"

And I am. I decided to ask my family and friends to do the same and they are now giving to "The Plastic Ocean" for my birthday. YAY!!!

I always say that "there is no better gift than giving"... it makes my heart full and I can feel my **heart growing** with every donation, every volunteered moment, every opportunity that I have to make a difference. (**When I say that I always think about the Grinch and how his heart grew 3 sizes)

The other day, I received a thank you on "The Plastic Ocean" blog for our continued support and then received a message from "The Algalita Foundation" about using my birthday as an opportunity to support the work that they do. Within that message was this video that completely echoes my sentiments about changing the world: "It Starts With Me"

"With so many causes in this world that need our help, it's often daunting choosing where to put our resources and efforts...

I used to be overwhelmed by it all until I asked myself,
'How do *I* make a difference??'
Then it hit me... I realized that it doesn't matter how big the difference is... as long as something is happening... we're moving in the right direction :)"