Plastic-Free Food

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During the week of September 26, I challenged our family of 5 to a week of no foods in plastic.  The rules were simple:  If the package had plastic (even a plastic coating or window) I wouldn't buy it.  Our only exception was to buy milk in reusable glass bottles with a plastic lid.  For 7 days, I shared what we ate and how I made it plastic-free... we even went camping on days 6 & 7!!

Plastic-Free Food Week: Day 1       Day 2       Day 3       Day 4         Day 5         Days 6 & 7

Since that week of "Plastic-Free Food", we've been striving to purchase no foods in plastic.  Living without foods in plastic isn't as difficult as I had originally anticipated.  It does take forethought... and definite rethinking of how to navigate a plastic-packaged grocery store.  Some of the best solutions that I found are to: go around a plastic-packaged grocery store by shopping at locally owned stores, joining a CSA, visiting the farmers' market, shopping the bulk bins (I go prepared with my own containers), choosing LOCAL foods and making/baking our own. ;)

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Plastic-Free Food: Recipes

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