Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Daily Ocean: Day 54

It seems like every other time I go to Tidal Creek I run into my friend Zak of Oceana North Carolina.  Zak is working as an Oceana field organizer to build a team of supporters who support clean energy solutions.  For the past couple of weeks, we've been talking about meeting up at Wrightsville Beach.  So when I realized how gorgeous the weather was yesterday, I gave him a call and met him at Access 43.  BUT... once again... the wind was fierce!!  Being that it was such a windy day, our beach clean up started off the beach strand with two plastic bags...

Because of the wind, we didn't find many cigarette butts...but we did find a LOT of other litter including other smoking related debris such as lighters.
When we found the lighters all I could do was think about the photos of all of the lighters that have been found on Midway .... There are so many things that can be learned from what's happening at Midway... including the fact that we are ALL connected.  Our actions (or inactions) are far reaching.

 Zak and I were discussing the fact that the one year anniversary of the Deep Water Horizon Oil spill is just around the corner.  I wonder if people have forgot... I wonder after a year of one of the worst man made environmental disasters if we've learned anything? What have we changed??  What CAN we change??  Hmmm....  it's time we start demanding a Clean Energy Future.

As we were walking back from the beach strand, my daughter pointed out a plastic bag.  Being barefoot, there was NO WAY that I could get it.  BUT... lucky for us... Zak had shoes. :)
20 minutes on April 4, 2011
Litter by weight: 2 lbs 2.2 oz
Cigarette butts: 39
Total amount of cigarette butts removed from Wrightsville Beach, NC in 54 days: