Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will YOU Make a Difference??

Water. It's vital to life. As water flows from our taps, many of us take it for granted. But nearly 900 million people worldwide lack access to clean water.

As we are a couple of days into World Water Week... I am constantly reminded--by an amazing person that I am fortunate to call my friend--of the global water crisis. She has donated the past 6 months of her life, to help produce the LA Tap Project Fundraiser. Because, she has a dream of making their --children in underdeveloped countries without access to clean water-- dream a reality.

As with most things... I am affected by visuals. Watch these... and you, too, will understand WHY.

Did you know that by donating $1 to UNICEF Tap Project, you provide clean water for 40 days? What if everyone you knew donated $1??

Earlier in the week, the question was asked, "Will you make a difference that makes a difference?"

In November, for my friend's birthday, I donated $25 to the Tap Project. That $25 that I could've spent on a small gift became 1,000 days of clean water. I've made a difference that has made a difference in someone's life. Now, it's your turn :)

Donate to the UNICEF Tap Project: www.tapproject.org

Dine at participating restaurants during World Water Week (March 21-27): www.tapproject.org/restaurants

Fan Acqua di Gio on Facebook and they'll donate $1 to UNICEF Tap Project!

Events are scheduled all over the country... attend an event in your area!

AND... don't forget to spread the word! :)

P.S... Read this ;)